Things we do


In 2012, the Incourage Community Foundation Teen Leadership Group erected a Free Little Library under the old oak tree in Twin Lakes Nature Center. The concept is "take a book, leave a book", and is free to everybody who visits the nature center. Our Free Little Library is open during park hours from early spring until late fall, and holds books for people of all ages. Everyone is invited to select a book and sit and read, or take it home with you.


Groups are invited to take a drop and decorate it with their feelings about water. The finished drops will be displayed at locations in our community, to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our water. Contact Patt Pisellini at 15-325-1972,


Mother Earh Water Walk
Join Us on September 16, 2017 for our second Central Sands Water Walk. We will begin with a sunrise ceremony. Our walk will be an estimated ten miles; and will be followed with a traditional feast, silent auctions, and a Native American cultural performance.

There is no cost to register. You can register online by emailing, or, leaving a message on our Facebook page.